Marina (talithan) wrote in b_b_ig_mistake,

still alive :)

Doodles and two finished requests. New scanner is higher-contrast

Clockwise from left: Luna Lovegood, practice with sad eyes, a sketch of what I wanted my haircut to look like (and it does look like that, except a bit flippier), practice with ponytails, and Draco and Ginny not looking at each other. All were done on the backs of class handouts.

A doodle during Josh McDowell's oh-so-interesting talk at my school a month ago, practice drawing in pen, and a sketch of a new character of mine (Evie) in a collab story I'm working on with a friend.

Feeling hopeless.

Mostly wanted to draw something with an empire waist, but somehow there wound up being someone wearing the dress, and then she had a friend next to her. They both are waaay too skinny and their torsos are very, very off, but whatever.

Drawn for colormered08. Prompt: "Luna hadn't expected it to turn into a penguin..." This was fun...and completed over a month ago. *bows head in shame for lateness*

xxkessiex asked for a passionate Remus/Tonks kiss, with Tonks so happy her hair changes color. The kiss wound up being more fluffy than passionate, and Remus looks at least ten years too young, but her hair's blushing :)
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